SHE IS SORRY! Wendy Shay Apologises To MzGee After A Month

Wendy Shay

Singer Wendy Shay has rendered an apology to Ghanaians, including JoyNews’ presenter MzGee, for describing a question as dumb.

According to the musician, she knows she broke a lot of hearts when she ended the interview abruptly.

In November, this portal, published an article about Wendy Shay when came under heavy criticisms for telling JoyNews presenter, MzGee that she had asked her a dumb question.

Tell you what, the simple was: “Who is Wendy Shay?”

The question by MzGee was a follow up to Wendy Shay’s call that “Ghanaians should accept her for who Wendy Shay is” during the interview.

SIMPLE QUESTION! Wendy Shay Abruptly Ends Interview Calling It Dumb

She has been in the news lately for the news that she was allegedly caught sleeping with her manager, Ricky Nana Agyemang, popularly known as Bullet.

She released “The Boy is Mine” subsequent to the news, a song that sought to address rumours.

When MzGee asked Wendy If she was concerned about the issue, she said “it was all about [media] hype. We’re gone so let’s move forward,” with some gloom on her face.

Hell, however, broke loose when MzGee asked her about who she was as she opted for the interview to end.

“Can we cut the interview? This is a dumb question. I don’t wanna do the interview anymore,” Wendy said.

Responding to a threat by listener that he will stop patronising her songs if she does not apologise to MzGee, the singer, in an interview with Lexis Bill on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM, said she is sorry.

“I apologise to every Ghanaian that I broke their heart, there is nothing like a dumb question. Again, I am sorry forgive me for breaking [your] heart,” she said.

Wendy Shay is set to host her Shay Concert on December 23 at the La Pleasure Beach. Before the concert, she will launch her maiden album, ‘Shay On You’ at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra on Thursday, December 20.

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Source: EDA

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