WATCH VIDEO: Counselor Lutterodt Calls Medikal A Fool, Should He Marry Fella

Just when Ghana’s version of Romeo and Juliet are seriously planning to tie the knot in holy matrimony soon, controversial marriage counselor, George Lutterodt decides to pop out of nowhere and to make a mess of the ‘mad love’ they have.

Even though they’re ‘all over the place’ counselor has remained quiet all this while on the affair of the trio (Fella-Medikal-Sister Derby), his decision to finally speak on the matter will surely not go down well with Fella Makafui. According to him, Fella Makafui is stupid for putting her ‘ashawo’ lifestyle out there since it is not right. Mr. Lutterodt adds that, dating shouldn’t be publicized like how Fella is currently going about her relationships.

In a video published, the Okay FM drivetime show panelist goes on to further declare that Fella’s current ‘big baby’, Medikal will never marry her because he will use her and dump her just like the other men did. When his interviewer states that he is lying and emphasizes that Medikal will certainly marry Fella, he makes the shocking pronouncement that AMG business rapper, Medikal, will be a big fool if he ever marries her.

Watch the video below:


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