PLEASE SIT DOWN, ‘KING’! Was DKB Trying To Steal Some Of Lekzy’s Shine @MTN Music Festival?

Lekzy was awesome!

One of the highlights of MTN Music Festival held on the eve of Ghana’s Independence Day was the performance of comic, Lekzy De Comic – witnessed it alongside many other patrons!

With just 30 minutes or so on stage, Lekzy got every patron laughing from the start to the completion of his set with every material shared hitting the ‘laughing nerves’ of everybody at the auditorium. He was stupendous on that stage!

The applause for Lekzy was deafening and it was during one of such reception from the appreciative crowd that DKB walked on stage – first to gesture to the crowd to applaud more and then to embrace the young comedian.

Patrons also observed how DKB’s action almost took Lekzy off balance in his delivery but the budding comic was able to compose himself to nail such an outstanding performance.

DKB’s action took some patrons by surprise as they mused as to why he would come on stage at the time the young lad was getting all the plaudits. If it were to show appreciation, he could have gone back stage to congratulate Lekzy after his set, and clearly, he was not the one to sensitize the crowd to applaud; Lekzy was getting the loudest cheers already!

Some observers expressed that, DKB’s move was unnecessary, unsolicited, unwarranted and was engineered just to steal some of the ‘shine’ off the young chap.

Speaking to Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, Mark Okraku Mantey, CEO of Slip Entertainment, organizers of the event, stated that, DKB’s involvement was not scripted.

According to him, during Lekzy’s performance, DKB approached the organizers backstage and pleaded to go show appreciation and endorse Lekzy in the middle of his set!

Lekzy, who got one of his breaks on DKB’s ‘Point of View’ show – won the People’s Celebrity Awards ‘Favourite Comedian of the Year’ – taking home a prize package worth 6,500Ghc.

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