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SERVES HIM RIGHT! Funny Face Tells Off Radio Presenter Who Asked A “Below The Belt” Question

 By Deborah Kotei

Just yesterday, Benson Nana Yaw Oduru Boateng popularly known as Funny Face, seriously told off a radio presenter on a live show. recorded!

During the interview, Nana Romeo of Accra Fm asked that Funny Face clears the the air as to whether or not he’s been involved sexually with his best-friend and brother Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor’s.

This is how he put it, “I want you to clear the speculation about you, People are saying Adebayor was your gay partner, how true is that and have you heard it before?”

Let’s call a spade a spade! The host was very wrong to have asked such a question.  Funny Face, to the saving knowledge of most Ghanaians is very straight. He has no proven history whatsoever of being involved with such acts. How on earth do you ask someone who hasn’t come out as bisexual whether or not he’s been involved sexually with his same sexed best-friend? This was below the belt and the host should have known better!

Ofcourse Funny Face lost his cool and said, “Never, never, never. It is never true and it will never be true. Adebayor has a wife, has a daughter…has a big family…so never.”

“In fact, the truth be say, you see if you bi radio presenter wey you dey ask this funny questions eeer, the truth be say, Romeo you bi my guy but I go tell you. you no dey think small. I swear this is on record. We study human being life. You are into showbiz; people say things to tarnish peoples image so for you to even ask that guy the same question sef…It has left small,” Funny Face fumed.

However, Nana Romeo stood by his stance of making him [Funny Face] clear the air for the sake of his listeners and people out there who might have heard about this wild rumour.

Funny Face corroborated that as a public figure, people would spread rumours about him but some things are not worth discussing on the radio.



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