Graduation or Forced Exit? Did Teephlow Reach His Full Potential at The Last 2 Label?


‘Teephlow Graduates from the Last 2’ is the headline making rounds after the CEO of the Last Two Music Group, Hammer, announced the exit of the artist from the label.

In his farewell message, the legendary music producer/talent manager, stated that Teephlow has graduated and is moving to greater heights.

He wrote;

“I’m glad to announce tht TeePhlow GH has graduated from The Last Two music and is moving on to greater heights… the world needs to watch out.. the beast is unleashed. I must say I enjoyed every second grooming this genius of a wordsmith. Help me wish him farewell.”

The legendary status of Hammer is indisputable, but the question is; did Teephlow reach his full potential as a budding act and did he excel at the Last Two label?

There’s some school of thought that; with all his enormous talent as a rapper/musician, Teephlow and Hammer were unable to produce that one ‘monster’ hit or hits that would have catapulted the artist to greater heights.

Hammer & Teephlow - did it work?
Hammer & Teephlow – did it work?

Touted by some music critics to possess better rap skills than the likes of Pappy Kojo and Kofi Kinaata, Teephlow has unfortunately not been able to upstage the other two. He’s watched on as the two continue to produce banging hits, get the shows, bag awards and generate an enviable cult following – www.entertainmentgh.com can state!

Hammer, during his time with Teephlow, was able to pair the young act with heavyweights like Obrafour, Kwaw Kesse, Edem, and Sarkodie, yet, that hit track, that one song to project the artist to stardom never came through.

To have all these features, all these great productions and still not be able to break through is a clear indication that something was not being done right!

Could it have been the style of the artist, could it have been the approach? Could it have been the marketing strategy employed by the label? Maybe, the combination of Hammer and Teephlow never gelled.  Something was amiss!

Kofi Kinaata
Kofi Kinaata
Pappy Kojo
Pappy Kojo

We at www.entertainmentgh.com can imagine the frustration Hammer and Teephlow had to endure during their time together. The manager frustrated because he was unable to produce a star out of Teephlow like he did with Obrafour, Kwaw Kesse, Tinny and Edem – and the artist frustrated because he could not match the excellence of the mentioned artists who went through the same label.

Kofi Kinaata is regarded as one of the best young artists in the business; he is annexing high profile awards and building a following while Pappy Kojo is also regarded as a sensation, as he commandeers such a huge cult following even Kanye West would envy.

The inability to make Teephlow get to that greater height is what has necessitated the exit of the artist from the label – www.entertainmentgh.com can surmise.

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