NO CAUSE FOR ALARM! Manufacturers Of Ebony’s Casket Tell Secret Behind Black Colour

This is the coffin Ebony was buried in

The coffin which was used to bury Ebony has stoked debates as people question the propriety of using one with a black colour.

Some have said that there could be spiritual connotations to the choice of colour for the casket but Michael Dela, Chief Executive Officer of Gisarg Caskets and Coffins, manufacturers of the coffin used to bury dance hall artiste, has said there is no cause for alarm.

In an exclusive interview with Citi Showbiz, Michael said his company designed the coffin without Ebony in mind.

“I must be honest, we didn’t even have Ebony in mind but when we were done with it, I saw the casket and said this will actually suit Ebony. She’s called Ebony and her name represents the colour black,” he said.

The added that contrary to debate going on, black casket is actually quite common.

“One of the caskets that we sell a lot is the black one. This one was actually one of our newer designs. It was purely done in our quest to do something unique,” he said.

He said people who have younger deceased tend to go for caskets that are dark. But occasionally you get people that go for the black casket just for the beauty of it.

According to him his company which is located at Osu – Forico Mall, had a business relationship with Transitions, the firm that organized Ebony’s funeral and that they only had a call at the last hour that the family had settled on the black casket.

“We got the call at the last hour. It was on a Friday so with regards to what colour they had chosen earlier, we have no idea,” he added.

He said, the colour was pure arts and that he does not subscribe to the notion that it may have spiritual meanings.

“We don’t manufacture things according to people’s spiritual inclinations,” he intimated.

This debate is hinged on a recent interview Dr. Lawrence Tetteh who paid for the casket, granted Adom TV.

Here is what published hours after Dr. Lawrence Tetteh was interviewed.

FALSELY ACCUSED! Black Coffin Was Not His Choice-Dr. Lawrence Tetteh


Ebony who died on 8th February, 2018 through a car accident, was buried on 24th March, 2018.


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