IT’S A PROBLEM? Kwesi Arthur Can’t Understand Why He Doesn’t Get Nudes From Fans

Kwesi Arthur

One of Ghana’s fast-rising rap music stars, Kwesi Arthur has questioned why he is surprisingly not getting naked pictures of his female fans in his DM as many other male celebrities usually claim they do get.

The rapper in an answer to the question: “Do ladies worry you a lot?” asked by B Ice on Agyenkwa FM in Kumasi stated that he wouldn’t say ladies worry him as such but he believes all that they do is to show him love just like his many male fans do. Kwesi Arthur was, however, quick to add that in as much as these ladies show him that massive love, he does not get naked pictures from them and questioned where he has passed which is preventing him from getting the naked pictures.

When the interviewer asked him if his comment meant that he wanted his female fans to send him naked pictures in his DM, Kwesi Arthur stated that he does not want it.

The ‘Woara’ hitmaker, Kwesi Arthur also in the interview monitored by stated that he loves all his fans, more especially the ones who like what he does and appreciate his creativity.

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