IRONY OF LIFE! Mercy Johnson Jabs Tonto Dikeh By Sharing Happy Family Photo?


Mercy Johnson in a happy home

Popular actresses, Mercy Johnson and Tonto Dikeh have endured some fierce rivalry in the Nigerian film industry, where there’s been a tussle for supremacy, attention and clout – can state!

Few months ago, Tonto sent out a word of apology to Mercy, after the former lambasted the latter openly about her marriage; an act of attrition Mercy accepted in good faith.

It looked like there’s a truce among the two top actors, but is there really a ceasefire?

News of the tumultuous break-up of Tonto’s marriage is rife, with the actress baring it all amid tears in an exclusive TV interview some days ago.

Tonto in tears

Photos of the actress weeping during the interview have gone viral and many using her marriage as a case study of how celebrity marriages could turn sour.

This portal, has also noted, in sharp contrast, a photo shared by Mercy Johnson on her social media platform.

Tonto and Hubby during happy times

The photo depicts a happy Mercy Johnson with her kids and family dogs, yes, the dogs. Even the dogs looked happy!

Of course, observers are questioning the timing of the photo released by Mercy, considering the fact that; everybody is talking about the failed marriage of her colleague.

They assert that, the release of the photo is a subliminal jab to Tonto and it’s telling!

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