G.O.A.T! Is Stonebwoy The Greatest of All Time?

The subject of the Greatest of All Time, aka GOAT is an interesting one – one that pervades every sector of showbiz, media and entertainment – and Stonebwoy hopes to tickle the topic with the release of the yet-to-be released single, ‘1GAD’.

In football, the topic of GOAT has pervaded the industry for quite awhile with Messi and Ronaldo being the center of such contention with the likes of Pele and Maradona in the mix. In basketball, Lebron James holds himself as the GOAT while his critics frown on such assertion while holdinng Michael Jordan as such and in hiphop, the issue of GOAT is yet to come to some sane conclusion with the likes of Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Jay Z and Rakim all being tagged  with the enviable title.

In Ghana, the subject has not really inundated major conversations for such a longtime, although some critics, analysts and fans have loosely branded Sarkodie as the GOAT.

Stonebwoy’s artwork, which has his reflection as the goat (GOAT) is a major statement, yet a confounding one.

Is he saying he is GOAT of reggae/dancehall in Ghana or GOAT of Ghanaian music? or perhaps, the GOAT of African music?

In the marketing perspective, it is a smart move by the artiste, who obviously is looking for a conversation to shroud the release of the new single. Afterall, anybody can call him/herself the GOAT and not face any charges!

The Streetbeatz-produced single is set for official release on Friday

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