AH WELL! Ernest Opoku Failed To Pamper NAYAS Hence, The Abortion

Gladys Mensah Boaku (Nayas)

Actress and movie producer, NAYAS has said that she decided to abort her pregnancy with Ernest Opoku because the Gospel musician failed to pamper her.

According to her, pregnant women need to be given better treatment during the period of their pregnancy because there are a lot of changes they go through during the period.
But she was not given such treatment by Ernest Opoku who had promised to marry her because God had chosen her for him. reported!

“When every lady is pregnant it’s not about money but rather about the love you show her and how you treat her during the moment. There are a lot of changes that comes as a result of pregnancy but he didn’t show me any love.”

She indicated that the father of her child showed her love while she was pregnant but Ernest Opoku never did that so she decided out of the pain to pay Ernest Opoku with the same coin.

NAYAS said she never had intentions of destroying the hard earned reputation of the artiste but was moved by his ill treatment of her.

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