There’s Mafia At MUSIGA – Ambolley

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Since losing out on the MUSIGA Presidency to Obour in 2011, legendary highlife artiste, Gyedu Blay Ambolley has been very critical of the current administration in the handling of operations of the Union. In his latest tirade against MUSIGA, Ambolley is accusing the Union over a range of issues from malpractices, lack of recognition, mismanagement, and deceit to the use of mafia tactics.

On the mafia going on at the Union, he stated that the person heading the MUSIGA mafia is Alhaji Sidiku Buari. According to him, there have been a heap of wrongdoings that spans from Sidiku’s administration all the way to Obour’s and in his (Sidiku) bid to conceal his bad management, Sidiku engineered to put Mrs. Diana Hopeson as President, who also worked her way in getting Obour to office – so that, their misdeeds will go uncovered.

According to him, there has been a lot of rot from Alhaji’s term of Office and in fear of such rot becoming public knowledge, Alhaji rallies behind persons who can cover him.

Touching on Obour and the ‘Ghana Music Week’ celebrations, he stated that the project is simply a cover-up used by the current MUSIGA administration to extort money and prove to the Government and Ghanaians that they are doing something good.

He accused the administration of misappropriating the budgetary allocation from Government and only using the GMW activities to sway attention from the real problems of the Union.

Reacting to being snubbed at the ‘Ghana Music Honours’, Ambolley fingered the administration for lacking credibility. He believes that if the administration is truthful, there was no way he couldn’t have received an award for his immense contribution to the Ghana music industry.

“Last year, they went on air to say that they have paid all the musicians who performed at the festival but my checks proved that, many of the musicians were not paid,” he stated.

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Ambolley explained some of the decisions he’s taken on the administration; “Sometimes, I choose to keep quiet because whenever I talk, it seems as though I am fighting against MUSIGA activities so I have decided to leave everything to the judgment of the public,” he opined.

It is clear that Ambolley is still overly unsatisfied with the efforts of Alhaji Sidiku Buari during his term as President. Ambolley accused the former President of lying with regards to an interview Alhaji granted Razz Newspaper about him spending his money for the renovation of the current MUSIGA Office.

“A couple of months ago, we had a meeting and he raised the issue and we asked him to present proof that he used his own money for such renovations and till date, he’s yet to show us any proof,” he alleged.

According to him, Alhaji rather owes the Union a sum of GHc 1.1 billion and he’s refusing to render accounts for the money. “The Government of Ghana gave the Union Ghc 2 billion for our involvement in the Ghana@50 celebrations and till date, Ghc 1.1 billion of the said amount has been accounted for,” he made more allegations.

He stated further, “He has been asked on several occasions to render the accounts but he has blatantly refused and unfortunately, all the succeeding Presidents have all failed to hold him accountable,” he disclosed.

Ambler concluded with a stern suggestion for Obour and his group; “Music is a gift from God, and not child’s play and people who do music must be properly compensated so the industry becomes attractive and lucrative so that, parents can influence their kids to do music. Due to how the industry is being mismanaged, the sport of football has taken center-stage, gaining lots of attraction and attention and every parent wants their kids to play football. Some proper structures must be put in place and international laws and standards must be applied.”

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