Pae Dae (R2Bees) Must Learn & Grow

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The advent of social media has really made communication very easy for celebrities. Now, they do not have to wait for microphones and voice recorders to be stuck in their faces to make their feelings known. Thanks to facebook and twitter, these stars can sit, sleep, eat and squat in the comfort of whatever environment they are in – and speak their minds on all manner of subjects.

Interestingly, whiles they express their perspective on certain subjects, some come across as making sense whereas others come across as ignoramuses – simply knowing nothing about what they spew out.

One of such persons is R2Bees’s front man, Pae Dae who released a long tweet a couple of weeks ago expressing his seemingly rash sentiments about the industry. For the benefit of those who never saw his poignant tweet, here it is, unedited;

 “Ghana music industry does nothing for the industry/musicians. Ghana music is what it is solely because of the hard work of Gh musicians. Imagine Ghana Blackstars without GFA. Musicians are selling our country to the world through music just like football

Don’t talk to me bout musiga. Gh musicians only make money through shows and endorsements. Not cd sales nothing. Radio Tv Pubs Clubs etc play the music for their business

Without any form of revenue to the owner. And the institution responsible for collecting such revenue prides itself of job well done. What we lack in the industry is common sense. We’ve employed ppl with big brains but not common sense

Remember most Gh musicians have zero endorsement and barely play shows because there are barely any show. So consistent revenue for their hard work which is used consistently to run businesses is not too much to ask for. Imagine going to the club and no music or tune in radio no music.Clubs and radio pay nothing to musicians in Gh. Wait some musicians pay dem

What’s the job of a musician? Entertain. Gh musicians are entertaining but they r starving bro. Don’t believe wat they say in da music.Lol. We need an effective structure. We are in the 21st century. Simple technology will track down every song played anywhere in the country


If there are laws to collect these monies that are legally due the Artiste. They gave us a car? Of what use is our car to obidi or samini or shata wale?? I’m talking bout a collective problem here

Or lord Kenya, Rex Omar, obrafuor, TH4 Kwages. Old greats who’ve graced this stage. They are retired with almost nothing. The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people. – Napoleon

First of all, the gentleman raised some genuine concerns albeit some comments being laughable and misdirected. Per his comments, it is clear that Pae Dae has very little knowledge on how the industry operates in Ghana and that is very sad.

His comment about the car donated by MUSIGA was silly and uncalled for. Pae Dae could have made his point without making such inane statement about the car. If he had such reservations about the car and its essence, why didn’t he express it when it was handed over to him? After utilizing it for a year, he has come to the realization that, the car is of no use? Utter crap!

Another misguided comment Pae Dae passed was the outrageous comparison made between GFA and MUSIGA. Yes, musicians are also selling the country outside like the footballers but the difference is; whiles a chunk of the money the Black Stars make comes to the Government of Ghana; which translates into the development of the country where everybody benefits – the likes of Pae Dae make their money and get to enjoy it alone. They even find it extremely torrid to disclose the money involved in their endorsement deals, performances and all that, yet, he was gutsy to compare GFA to MUSIGA.

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For the FIFA World Cup, $1.5million was given to Ghana to prepare for the Mundial.  The country will get $8million for appearing in the group stages, $ 9 million extra if they make it to the second round and when they qualify for the quarter finals, $ 14million awaits. In the semis, the country will earn an amount of $22-25 million and just by the grace of God, we make it to the final, a staggering amount of $35 million will be awarded.  So, whiles a chunk of such money helps in the development of the sport and other national developmental projects, it only makes sense that GFA will do more for the Black Stars.

Funnily, the likes of Pae Dae don’t even pay their dues; they do not patronize any MUSIGA-related event and do little to push the Union, yet, he finds it prudent to make such repugnant comparison.

If there’s one positive thing to pick from Pae Dae’s lecture, that will be the fact, such a call is coming from a young and vibrant artiste. Usually, we only have the old folks grousing over royalties and copyright issues but for a young man, who is supposed to be making money from performances and endorsement deals – it is quite a good shift.

That notwithstanding, it is sad that Pae Dae raised salient points about how important music is, how radio and other entities are using music without paying for it, how the industry has no technology to track their music and how the royalties are distributed but unfortunately, he accused MUSIGA for all these setbacks when the right office to call out is GHAMRO.

It is evident that Pae Dae does not know how the industry operates; he has no idea that an entity like GHAMRO exists and responsible for the tracking of music and the collection of royalties for musicians.

In accusing MUSIGA wrongly, Pae Dae had the effrontery to cast insinuations at Executives of the Union for lacking common sense in operating the Union.  For not knowing the functions of MUSIGA, for not knowing the existence of GHAMRO and its functions, Pae Dae comes across as a dimwit – unfortunately.

Pae Dae’s show of ignorance about industry matters is a problem which must be addressed. It is just not okay for young and energetic musicians to just go to the studio, mount stages to perform, shoot high-budget videos, sign lucrative deals and know nothing about the industry.

It is a shame if young lads like Pae Dae do not know which sector is responsible for their welfare and which sector is mandated to collect royalties on their behalf. I can bet my breakfast that Pae Dae and his peers do not know the offices of GHAMRO, let alone, know that the likes of Carlos Sakyi, K.K. Kabobo, Amandzeba and co. are in charge.

I would have applauded Pae Dae if he had simply apprised Obour, who is a member of the GHAMRO Board to seek the benefits of his members on the Board with regards to collection and distribution of royalties and called out GHAMRO for all other pertinent issues.

The difference between the old generation of our musicians and the new is that, the latter doesn’t care about the structures of the industry; they are more interested in the glitz, glamour, the show, the quick money and the fame. The former knows the craft and knows the structures and that is why they man such sectors. When they are tired of doing music, they likes of Sidiku Buari, Carlos Sakyi, Amandzeba, Charles Amoah, Ekow Micah, Diana Hopeson and others will go into administration. For these young guys, their lack of knowledge on industry matters will only get them stuck in a ditch after they are done with music.

It is imperative that the likes of Pae Dae take time off their busy schedule to learn about the industry; know which sectors are responsible for what, know what is happening with such sectors and know which people to hold accountable.

When these guys learn about the industry, they will be emboldened to raise significant questions concerning the industry and can hold people accountable for their stewardship in handling your intellectual properties – otherwise, they will continue to whine, sulk and suffer whiles others with the ‘big brains’ sit in administration and ‘chop’ their money.

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