CLAP BACK! Ghanaian actress, Khareema ,‘fires’ back at fans who doubt her age

One sticky point of social media engagement for celebrities is the troll and Ghanaian actress, Khareema Aguiar, is the latest celeb to get entangled in such a situation – can state!

Just a day after celebrating her 30th birthday, some fans took to social media to question her age and pass incendiary comments on one of many photographs that were taken at her birthday celebration.

The trolling got on the nerves of the actress and she fired back using her facebook page to address such cynics.

She wrote;

“Reason why I normally do not waste my time on Facebook is the fact that pple hide behind their fons and just want to spit trash about pple they do not know……if u don’t know me,wat gives I the right to think u know my age better than I know myself? Tell me who was present when I was being given birth to…….tell u wat,whether u choose to believe my age or not,it’s really unnecessary for me to explain myself to…all I know is ones like is not measured by ur age but it’s measured by the life u have lived and the number of lives u have touched hence ur irresponsible comments about me and my pictures wudnt change my status as a house owner to a tenant better still ur useless comments wouldn’t stop me from paying the fees of the pple I cater to or it wudnt stop me from running my businesses…..when a fotographer takes some pictures,out of a 100 he might just get 2 best ones so u can’t go and search for a bad picture and leave careless comments about…..I usually like to mind my business and I admire pple who do same too….”

The photo generating the backlash
The photo generating the backlash


Khareema shot to prominence, starring in the hit TV series, ‘All that glitters’ and went on to feature in many movies such as ‘Checkmate’ and others.

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