Silverbird Accused of Movies Leakage

The coming of Silverbird Cinema years ago was big relief to movie producers because, by international standards, it provided them with an appropriate platform to premiere their movies to accrue some revenue before the movies are commercially released unto the market; but it is turning out that, the firm is becoming the bane for such movie producers.

Information Razz Newspaper has gathered is that, some Ghanaian producers have attributed the leakage of their movies onto the market to Silverbird Cinemas. In a chat with one of the top Ghanaian movie producers who has produced over 30 popular Ghanaian films and won many international awards, he accused Silverbird Cinemas of thievery.

“Anytime we give our movies to the cinemas, the boys there (workers) end up giving the movies to their friends before the movies are released. Also, after the premiere, the management of the cinemas always gives us the wrong figures of the number of people who attended the premiere,” he asserted.

He however admitted that the criminal act being perpetuated at the Cinemas is being done at the blind side of management of the cinema. Apparently, the workers at the cinema are the people culpable of such act.  The producer even went on to state that he has ample evidence to substantiate his claim of leakage at the cinema.

“Go and ask the big shots at Silverbird why Leila Djansi arrested one of their workers and even took the case to court. I have learnt my lessons. Next time if I want to premiere my movies there, I am going to protect the movies; in a way that they can’t have access to copy it,” he suggested.

This is the not the first time a notable movie producer has accused the cinema for leakage of movies. The likes of Shirley Frimpong Manso and Leila Djansi have all pointed accusing fingers at the firm on the same count.

In a separate chat with the Cinema Manager of Silverbird, he stated that since he took over the office, he has never encountered or received complaints from any movie producer alleging that his/her movie has been leaked by the cinema.

He confirmed that they have had only one problem with Leila Djansi and the issue has been solved. He added that if indeed it’s true that they leak out new films, then he expects the producers to stop patronizing the cinema for the premieres.


 Source : Razz Newspaper 

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