Alicia Keys Is No Longer The Global Creative Director For Blackberry

What a difference a year makes. Less than a year after Alicia Keys was announced as the first ever Global Creative Director for BlackBerry, the two part ways.

In a statement to CTV News, Blackberry did not go into details about the reasoning for dissolving their collaboration with Keys but did highlight Keys work on the Blackberry Scholarship Program. Keys was apart of the advisory panel of the four year scholarship program designed to increase the number of women in specific technology fields.

Blackberry reported a shocking third quarter loss of $4.4 billion, considerably higher than its $965 million loss in the preceding quarter. A month before the company reported the third quarter losses, its former CEO Thorsten Heins left the company along with BlackBerry’s Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear, Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben and Chief Financial Officer Brian Bidulka.

Source : AllHipHop News

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