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BOOB SUCKERS! Why Men Simply Love Breasts So Much

Why do men devote so much headspace to those big, bulbous bags of fat drooping from women’s chests? Scientists have never satisfactorily explained men’s curious breast fixation, but theorists are gonna theorize. So let’s take a tour of the sexy speculation surrounding the human bosom — with a few stops to explain why it’s so hard to figure out just why breasts hold such allure. Why do straight men devote so much headspace to those big, bulbous bags of fat drooping from women’s chests? Scientists have never satisfactorily explained men’s curious breast fixation, but theorists are gonna theorize. So let’s take a tour of the sexy speculation surrounding the human bosom — with a few stops to explain why it’s so hard to figure out just why breasts hold such allure.
Here are some the reasons men can hardly do without the breasts of women.
They Are Nice To Stare At

Okay, here’s the basic, unexaggerated, undivided truth: boobs are just nice to stare at. Of course they are.

With all the things listed here and the fact that a woman knows how to project and accentuate her boobs, men will drool over you, even if you are wearing a rag. Your boobs are your ultimate weapon. The best thing about it is that men know that you are using your boobs and it makes it even hotter.

So, breasts are the second most favorite part of men in a woman’s body, and for good reason. The first being the glory that is your pleasure partner. If you think about it, men are really great at appreciating the simple, non-superficial things that life has to offer.

They Are Nice To Touch

Men, aside from their visual nature, also love the feel of comfort on their skin. Men like to touch, especially to touch the things that feel good.

They like to touch the parts of the body that can give them pleasure and where they can give pleasure, too. A woman’s breasts, as what men have come to agree, is one of the many parts of a woman’s body and all things that feel nice to the touch.

This is why men love to touch boobs a lot, during foreplay, during cuddling and any chance they get. They take pleasure and comfort from holding such a sensual part of a woman’s body.

They Are Second Base

Boys, men, and males of all ages from the time they become teens and start feeling the “stirrings” – they have something in common. Their sex hormones go on hyper-drive making them curious, or even more than curious to try out sexual acts. Not everyone go straight to sex. Some go through a step by step procedure, uncovering every part of the body they can gain pleasure from. Hence, the first base, second base and home run – or at least, that’s what everyone has come to know.

Breasts Are Great For Foreplay

Men love foreplay. A woman’s boobs are a great venue for foreplay. That’s why men linger there during your lovemaking. Men love to fondle, kiss and do all sorts of stuff with a woman’s boobs.

It is more like a basic necessity during foreplay. It makes the lovemaking more intimate and intense when boobs are involved. That’s why men love them so much.

They Stimulate Cravings

Breasts and cleavage and everything else pertaining to a woman’s breasts, such as how you use them and how you project them are all factored in on how you attract a man. Since men like a visual show, the mystery that are your boobs will leave your man craving to touch and hold them. Not only that. Your boobs are also a key to open the door of lust for your man.

Breasts Add A Touch of Mystery

When you know how to accentuate and project your breasts through the clothes that you wear, you will always leave a trail of mystery for men.

Sure they’ve seen breasts – one too many for some – but men will always imagine what you look like underneath your clothes.

This is why men love breasts. They are a mystery to men and regardless how many they have seen, men are always curious to see yours.

Breasts Create Cleavage

Hotness can be defined many ways from different perspectives. From a man’s perspective? It’s simple, basic and direct. A sensual part of your body that he can see even in broad daylight and eventually touch, can ensue some stirrings in him. A woman’s cleavage has always been a symbol of hotness for men and women alike. Don’t forget to maintain a level of modesty when showing yours.

They Can Provide Comfort

Do you notice how in movies, men who need comfort are given comfort by women through hugging or cuddling them? Do you also notice where men usually position their faces when they are comforted? Exactly.

Just around the vicinity of your breasts. No, it is not just a physical act to get them to second base.

Just as how men were comforted by their mothers when they were kids, men look at a woman’s breasts as their temporary sanctuary when things are not going right. Men seek and feel comfort being encompassed by your breasts. This is why they will always look forward for the comfort that they get from them.

They Can Serve As Pillow Too..Yes

Well, it can be as simple as that. Here’s a little secret: men also love to cuddle. Their idea of a cuddle may be a slight different than that of women’s, but still they do. Men’s idea of a cuddle may involve more touchy actions. For women, cuddling can be as simple as spooning.

A tip ladies: he would appreciate it if you don’t spread your hair all over his face all the time. Although, your man would love to lie his head on your chest, he enjoys the softness and warmth that he gets from your two assets. He may even consider them as his own personal pillows.

They Add Poise To The Woman

Grace and poise, although they are learned and seen through your actions, are factors coming from your overall appearance, too.You are affected and affect others not just by how you dress, but also by the curves on your body. Most important is how you project and emphasize them.

Yes, that includes your breasts. There is a fine line between showing a little skin for grace and poise, and a vulgar way of showing your skin. Women in the 16th to 18th centuries who wore these large dresses also showed a little of their cleavage.

It was not considered vulgar back then, despite their conservative culture. Cleavage was considered classy and sophisticated.

Sign of Motherhood

Men have a distinct reverence for their mothers. If you notice sometimes, their veneration for their mother extends more than they have for their dads. It’s basic psychology.

The simplest way to explain it is because the mother is mainly the one who nurtured them when they were a baby. With the idea of a mother’s nurture, the first thing that comes to mind is breastfeeding.

Men respect their mothers for nurturing them with breast milk. When a man looks at their partner’s breasts, there is a thought at the back of their mind. It’s far deeper than the sensual thoughts they have that says some day, these two majestic parts of your body will also nurture his baby.

Represents Womanhood

It’s mainly because of the fact that men have flat chests and women have breasts. For millennia and centuries, a woman’s breasts are the most distinct and visible feature that separates a man from a woman.

Regardless of the size, a woman has breasts and this is one of two things that make a woman a woman.

Men know this and because of the visual trait that they have, when they look at a woman, a part of that comes from the fact that this woman has breasts. The breasts represent far more than just a part of a woman’s body from there.

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