WHITNEY WRITES! Modern Parenting Not Helping Abused Children

To the parents that are busy being everything but parents, yes, life is hard, yes, condition of living is expensive, but you have time for everything except being there for your kids.

I am not talking about being there with phones, gadgets and all that in your hands, but not being there! These days boys, young boys are being abused and parents are not paying attention.

We have tales and talked about the girls getting abused, but let’s talk about the boys too.

Are you aware most boys claim their first sexual orientation and abuse is from house helps, Aunties and Uncles? You won’t even believe them when they tell you.

Your so-called ‘friend’ hits your child’s butt and says they are grown and you sit there with a sheepish look on your face sipping wine; you will rather maintain that friendship and let your child suffer because it is their fault?

When was the last time you had any conversations with them? Do you have any idea what they are watching on our non-regulated TV stations? Your gardener, house help, family friend, is teaching them more than you are. Be busy about everything but your children!

They will be children but only once.

One of the best advice I ever got was from Brigitte Dzogbenuku is – “Better an over-protective parents, than non-protective parents”. Stop enabling your ‘sick friends’.

The toddlers will make up stories about abuse, not even a teenager.

It is a dark serious thing!

The Writer

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