Response To Story On Prez. Akufo-Addo’s Daughter! The Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Is A BIG JOKE!

Gyankroma Akufo Addo (Photo Credit- Yaw Pare Photography)

This portal, www.entertainmentgh.com made a report concerning some speculations from very reliable sources about the Director of the Creative Arts Council, Gyankroma Akufo Addo, jettisoning her role, by not showing up at the Office and not availing herself to meetings.

Read the original story here;

SHE LEFT THE JOB? Prez. Akufo-Addo’s Daughter Abandons Job @ Creative Arts Council?

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture issued a statement in response to the report; and to be charitable, the release was empty, facetious and opaque.

Check out the Ministry’s response;

Prez. Akufo Addo’s Daughter Abandon’s Job? Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Responds

Let’s breakdown the lousy commentary shared by the Public Relations Outfit of the Ministry and attempt to make sense out of it. A very arduous task, but let’s try!

The Ministry wrote;


The Ministry, therefore, wishes to set the record straight because of the mere false allegations by some faceless and mischievous groups or individuals, bent on tarnishing the image of the President’s Daughter in the person of Ms Gyankroma Akufo Addo, who is the Director of the Creative Arts Council.

Our response;

Yes, we do acknowledge that the Ministry did set up the Council but come on, give us a break – this issue is in the domain of the Creative Arts Council, which has a President, in the person of Mark Okraku Mantey and a Secretary in Bibi Bright, plus the other workforce.  Any tangible responsible was supposed to have emanated from that outfit, but of course, we are not surprised; they are not functional, so, cannot even pen a normal response.

The clueless PR outfit made reference to where the original report was published but still went ahead to state that, the allegations were made by faceless and mischievous groups or individuals, bent on tarnishing the image…!

Clearly, they lack the skill to look out for those behind the website (The name of the editor is splattered on the portal) and have no ‘balls’ to address those individuals by name or trade.


The Ministry wrote;

The article purported that Ms Gyankroma Akufo Addo has abandoned her official post at the Creative Arts Council and also refuses to show up at meetings relating to the Creative Arts Council held by the Ministry for a number of times, to say the least. This is a blatant lie in the highest order and in any case, if the allegation were anything to go by, the Ministry would take punitive measures to address the issue head-on, rather than sitting on it.

Our response;

The Ministry would take punitive measures to address the issue head-on? You guys will take punitive measures against the daughter of the President of Ghana? Really? This is very laughable. The fact is; you guys can’t do a hoot. You guys are a scared bunch!

It was expected that, in denying the allegation of her not showing up at the Office and not appearing at meetings, the Ministry would provide a date of her making her last appearance in the Office and dates of her being present at meetings, but of course, as oblivious as they are, they could not. Such a shame!


The Ministry wrote;

Subsequently, at a MoTAC retreat at Ho sometime in December 2017, The Sector Minister, Hon. Catherine Abelema Afeku, cautioned the various Heads and agencies under her Ministry to eschew laziness and a lackadaisical attitude to help move the aspirations and vision of the President in the improvement of the Tourism industry in Ghana since any deviant behaviour would not be tolerated.

Our response;

For Christ’s sake, what has this retreat in Ho, which the Director of Creative Arts Council was not even present, got to do with the allegations? Very funny!

The lady is said to be operating from her own office, and you are wasting tax payers’ money in Ho, preaching about laziness and lackadaisical attitude? Stop the joke!

The lackadaisical and lazy attitude is planted right in the Ministry, which can’t even figure out the exact date the MoTAC retreat was organized in December 2017.

As you may be aware the Creative Arts Sector covers a broader area, and apart from the predominant ones like the Music, Theater Arts, Drama and Fashion, Ms Gyankroma is working very hard to revive the lesser known Creative art areas such as painting, Drawing, Poetry, Beads manufacturing, Textile Designs among several others. If for nothing at all, her efforts need to be commended rather than having her name dragged in the mud.

Our response;

Help us clap for Ms Gyankroma! She is really working! Clap for her once again, please! Somebody or some persons at the Ministry need deliverance from ignorance, arrogance and insincerity.

Ms. Gyankroma is not helping any beads-making, painting, drawing and poetry etc. Stop Lying!

Let’s even assume the blatant fib by the Ministry is true. The fact is; Ms Gyankroma has no business reviving the so-called lesser art areas.

When the Minister mentioned her name as the Director of the Creative Arts Council, as part of a 3-member team, her mandate was made clear; to embark on a road-show across the country, to nominate members that would make up the Creative Arts Council and also to select veterans in the industry to form a five-member governing board, which would guide the activities of the Council.

First, Ms Gyankroma has not done any road show across the country to nominate members to make up the Creative Arts Council. Secondly, she has not helped select a Board for the Council. So, the Minister and her ‘stooges’ should go ahead and keep on clapping for Ms Gyankroma in their Office.


The Ministry wrote;

On this note, MoTAC would, however, entreat any individual or a group of persons who would have some qualms in the Tourism Sector to channel it to the Public Relations Outfit of the Ministry to be addressed.

Our response;

These guys don’t get it! The Ministry is in 3 parts; Tourism, Arts & Culture, but the guys at the Ministry have always remained ill-informed and so much obsessed with Tourism, to the extent that, an issue within the Creative sector is referenced to the Tourism sector. You guys play too much, step up!

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, Editor, www.entertainmentgh.com

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