IT’S HER TIME! Gloria Sarfo’s Year of Recognition

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

Understandably, the virulent Coronavirus is taking the world’s attention but over the weekend, another news item also got remarkable traction on social media; Gloria Sarfo’s win at the 7th edition of the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCAs).

As seen on her social media page, Gloria was ecstatic over her historic win, regardless of her inability to be at the ceremony to pick her award – and she has every right to be joyous. Her win also brought some ray of hope in the midst of the destructive COVID-19.

Over the period, the AMVCA has become the biggest and most-recognizable awards for African film and television and having to play a significant feature is such a big deal.

Extraordinary Win

Gloria made the news as the only Ghanaian actor to make the nominations list for this year’s awards but that honour, in as much it is huge, does not compare to an actual win. By that win, she etches her name in the books as the only Ghanaian actor to be nominated and win in any edition of the awards.

She also goes into the books as one of a few Ghanaian contingent to have ever annexed anything from the prestigious awards – in the league of the likes of Lydia Forson, Adjetey Anang, Shirley Frimpong Manso, Yvonne Okoro and Jackie Appiah.

Her win was not a fluke; firstly, considering the level of skill she exhibited in the movie, ‘Perfect Picture: 10 Years After’ and secondly, the level of competition she faced in the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ category; Eucharia Anunobi, Mary Lazarus, Tina Mba, and Toni Tones.

Show of Love

Gloria, based on various interviews she’s granted over the years, sees herself as one of the actors that are not appreciated but this win depicted a different scenario.

After the win, movie lovers and especially the media, splattered social media with her photos and news of her win – all in depiction of the level of appreciation we have for her. Clearly, the level of affection that was shown for her didn’t represent a character that was not loved. She is indeed, well-loved!

Her humility is telling and she is one of few actors or entertainers that endear themselves to the heart of the media. It therefore came as no surprise as a lot of media personnel posted photos of Gloria and her interview sessions with them as they genuinely celebrated her win.

It’s been a longtime Coming

She’s been grinding and hustling in the acting business for such a longtime, and it won’t be out of place for anybody to call her a veteran. 20 years in the business is no joke.

Her claim to fame was via her stellar role in the popular television drama, ‘Efiewura’ but Gloria had been in the trade a longtime before her break in the drama series – starring in movies and TV shows.

Even after her popularity soared with ‘Efiewira’, she was still not regarded by many as one of the accomplished actors in the country. The lack of recognition and appreciation for her talent and years of acting was quite disappointing; a sentiment she shared during some of her interviews.

The media and populace could be tagged as hypocrites for only shouting her name after she bagged a nomination and a win at the AMVCAs. Her win should also reinforce the talk that, it is imperative for us to holler the exploits of these entertainers not only at times they win prestigious accolades or when they are no more!

No Love from Fellow Actors?

With her being the only actor from Ghana to bag a nomination and go on to win, it was expected that the social media pages of her fellow actors would be awash with congratulatory messages but quite disappointingly, only a handful celebrated her.

Clearly, this cements the notion of disunity among Ghanaian actors and the assertion of cliques within the industry. If Yvonne Okoro wins, she has her legion of fellow actors that would congratulate her and if a Nana Ama McBrown wins, she has a grouping that would shout her glory.

Interestingly, there’s also been no congratulatory words from all the relevant bodies; from the Ministry of Arts, Creative Arts Council to the Actors Guild on her win.

Congratulate her or not, post her photo or not – the fact remains that the 2020 AMVCA Best Supporting Actress is Gloria Sarfo and she must bask in that honour as loud and long as she wants.

It’s Her Year

This is Gloria’s season of recognition, after many years of being in the craft – and the AMVCAs in just a foretaste of many good things to come.

It matters less if her recognition and international breakthrough is coming now after 20 years of surviving in such an industry that is shrouded by a myriad of teething problems. The most important thing is, she’s survived for 2 decades and still has her sanity and talent intact; two critical elements that are needed for her soar higher.

Congratulations to Gloria Sarfo!


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