WHO SAID PREGNANT? Latest Photo Shows Victoria Lebene Is Not Pregnant?

We live in a funny world; everything you do, people have something to say. You don’t marry, they talk, you don’t, they talk. You marry and not get pregnant, they talk. You get pregnant before tying the knot, they talk too. Clearly, mankind is never satisfied over anything – knows this!

Actress Victoria Lebene has got social media talking with her first photo after getting married recently as reports and she has set tongues wagging with her latest photo that she posted on social media after getting married recently.According to the actress, only one man has seen what a lot of people are suffering to have access to.

After posting the beautiful photo, the actress wrote “Blessings come in many forms, but a man honours his woman before the next blessing.”

“Blessed are those who heed to the words of the lord before breaking the rules in holy matrimony. Only 1 man seeth what the lot does not see! #Godsservant,” she added.

The photo seemed to have generated a lot of attention from Instagram users as they have showered praise on the actress. Some were also of the view that she seem to have a rather flat tummy as compared to her wedding day.

On her wedding day, rumors arose that the actress may have been pregnant considering the size of her tummy.Social media users who commented on the wedding videos alleged that the actress might be pregnant. But this photo of Victoria Lebene with a rather flat tummy defeats the reports of being pregnant before the wedding.

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