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Watch Out! Maame Dokono Brings Back Her Stage Play On Vals Day

Ghanaian actress, television personality, author and the unsuccessful politician Maame Dokono, popularly known as Grace Omaboe will be on stage at the National Theatre on 14th February, 2018. observed!

The old stager actress will be playing a role in the play ‘Love is Politics.’

She will certainly bring up nostalgic memories for anyone who was an ardent viewer of Ghanaian teleplay ‘By the Fireside.’
Over the years, she has graced the big screens and stages with her exceptional acting abilities but nothing can be compared to the life she brought as she sang and danced while narrating the events of the folkloric mischievous character Ananse on ‘By the Fireside.’

The day dedicated to love will have the veteran actress bringing to life the role of a mother who sends a wife from the village to her son who has come off age.
‘Love is Politics,’ a romantic stage comedy produced by the 2 Idiots Productions, will also feature Jeneral Ntatia, Doctor So and Pearl Korkor Darkey.

The play promises to be exciting, rib cracking with a twist of romance. Everybody is in this game of love for their own selfish individual purpose.
Lawyer Ampau’s mum is pressurizing him to get married so she sends him a wife from the village. Lawyer Ampau tells his house boy to pretend to be him when the girl arrives because he is busy with a case, the girl on the other hand is planted in the house for the selfish interest of a client to prevent Lawyer Ampau from focusing on winning the case without the knowledge of the mother.

Will Lawyer Ampau succeed in winning the case or he will be blinded by love and lose this important case of his life time?
Everybody is in this game of love for their own selfish individual purpose.

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