TALK! Tourism-Designate Minister Pledges 70% Local Content on Prime TV

Here we go with promises over promises! The Minister designate for Tourism, Arts, and Culture had his turn at the Appointment Committee of Parliament, and just like appointers, he also had to tow the line of making promises to the sector – is not amused.

The arts sector may soon heave a sigh of relief if a promise that has been made by the Minister-designate for Tourism, Arts, and Culture is fulfilled – reports!

Awal Mohammed told the Appointment Committee in parliament that if he is finally given the job as minister for the sector, he will make sure foreign telenovelas are jettisoned for local productions.

Awal Mohammed stressed that he will be dedicated to ensuring that a high percentage of content on television is given to local content.

“We want to build the studio to help us put out Ghanaian movie series so that primetime on TV should be at least 70% local content. We need to make our creative artists rich and strong. That will boost our creative industry,” he added.

He said this will help create more jobs for the creative arts industry.

Awal also said that a $20million-dollar film studio will be built to become the hub for movie production in West Africa.

To ensure the production of quality movies for television consumption, he promised that the government will partner with the filmmakers to church out high-standard movies that will equally satisfy their audiences.

In the meantime, the National Film Authority has appointed a Local Content Committee to help project Ghanaian culture on local television.

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