SILLY STUNT! Stop Silly Stunts To Promote Song – Dr. Pounds Rips Medikal

Publicity stunts are good ; a part of the shaping of the entertainment industry, but they have their limit or utilization. Just like anything else – too much of it  could mean, over-egg’ing’ the pudding and that can be irritating – and OAP, Dr. Pounds is obviously irritated.

Dr. Pounds – riled up

As monitored by, Dr. Pounds, on his show, ‘Hitz Gallery’ on Hitz 103.9FM, chastised rapper, Medikal for his use of publicity stunt to promote his song (s).

The presenter was agitated over the rapper’s decision to use the story of her break-up with girlfriend, Fella Makafui to project his KiDi-assisted single, ‘Comeback’.

“Medikal at this stage doesn’t need hype to push his songs,” he stated.

He also expressed that, his move to use the Fella stunt has got many observers angry, hence, their refusal to accept and push the song;

“The silly thing you did is what is making people not pay attention to the song. Stop the silly stunt to promote songs.”

Medikal & Fella

He professed his admiration for the song in-spite of the backlash.

“This is a beautiful song. One of the best works of Medikal, I love it,” he said.

Dr. Pounds also compared Medikal’s stunt-making moves to Sarkodie, stressing that the latter won’t resort to stunts to promote his songs.

“Sark won’t do this,” he blurted!

Check out ‘Comeback’:

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