SHUT UP! – Inna Patty To Former Beauty Queens

Former beauty queens of Miss Ghana have been dared to provide evidence over claims of being used as pimps or should “shut up,” – reports.

Speaking on the Starr Woman Show on Sunday, the CEO of Exclusive Events Inna Patty, organisers of the beauty pageant threw a challenge to all the previous queens accusing her of exploitation to provide hardcore evidence over “the needless allegations aimed at destroying their reputation.”

“We remain unshaken… it’s deliberate sabotage. At the right time it will come to light,” she served notice.

She said as far as the pageant is concerned, no contestant is tasked to raise sponsorship for the event, except their “social projects.”

The statement comes after some former queens accused Inna Patty of pimping them to some men in exchange for favours. The 2017 winner, Margaret Dery also resigned a week ago after claiming in a twitter post that the pageant is deceptive.

“Come out with names, and let’s take it up legally or shut up,” Patty stated.

Describing the allegations as “ugly”, “pettiness” and “reckless” which do not warrant her attention, Patty, who is a past winner of the Beauty Pageant said she has never engaged in pimping and will remain focused in helping women impact society.

“If you can’t provide evidence – the men and contacts – shut up,” the CEO of Exclusive Events stressed.

She added: “When it comes to sponsorship people or these young girls don’t raise them for me. What sponsorship do they raise, theirs is for their social projects; it’s not my job to do that, it’s their job.

“Your ability to negotiate professionally and convince corporate Ghana and you’re able to critically think on your feet, believe me these skills will be with you for life. That is what the brand offers.”

She said she has taken the issue up in court to address the allegations legally.


Beauty pageants are still relevant

Touching on the relevance of the show, Patty rubbished claims that such events have lost their significance in modern times.

Over the years, the oldest beauty pageant in Ghana has come under a heavy public backlash following allegations by previous queens that they were used as pimps.

She told host Eyram Bashan the event comes with a lot of benefits to society.

“I believe it’s still relevant. I’ve had first time experience. These projects are relevant. It’s not about cash. It’s about what I can do for the country. It’s about impacting people, what you can do for people.

“Miss Ghana symbolizes beauty with a purpose. As Miss Ghana we’re looking for a young lady who’s passionate about serving the poor. Basically, you’re the mother of children of under privilege situation, Miss Ghana is not a luxury – luxury, cash and prize.

“We need the media to support us for people to know the importance of such projects that’s how we are able to manage some of these financings,” Patty remarked.

Patty said they have “learnt their lessons”, adding, “this ugly situation will not come up again. We are going to do a lot of background checks with our auditioning and work with the security agencies.”

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