SHOCKER! Ghanaian Gospel Artists Use ‘Juju’ The Most – Popular Spiritualist Reveals

The new generation of Ghanaian gospel artists seems to be generating bad press in recent times; from bribery allegations to open castigation of each other and now, another revelation that would surely not do their brand any good – can state!

Famed spiritualist and herbalist, Nana Adu Boafo Jnr, has made some damning revelation, stating that, gospel artists consult and deal in ‘juju’ (Black Magic) more than any other persons in the Ghanaian music industry.


He made this astounding disclosure on GhOne TV’s Pundits, which discussed the second part of the topic – “Dark Sides of GH. Music Series: The assertion that artists use black magic (juju) to either push up a career or bring down competition in many industries across the country.”

Nana Adu, who wore a mask on the show to hide his identity, revealed that, in his practice as a Spiritualist, he can state for a fact that, the larger number of artists who consult ‘juju’ to boost their careers are from the gospel fraternity.

With aid from what he calls, ‘his third eye’, Nana Adu stated that, some artists also go to consult or deal in ‘juju’ in a bid to ‘kill’ competition, to derail the efforts of their fellow musicians.

He also pointed out that, consultations and dealings in juju by these artists are done here in Ghana, Togo and predominantly in Benin.

As monitored by, he was ready to mention some names of the culprits but the host, George Quaye, prevented him from doing so.


However, he stated that, the current shenanigans concerning gospel artists, Bro. Sammy and the UK-based Ohemaa Jackie – have spiritual connections.

Ohemaa Jackie has generated several headlines, stating that, Bro. Sammy had sexual relationship with her, which culminated in several pregnancies and abortions; and Nana Adu says, the situation is not normal and has serious spiritual inclinations.

This episode of the Pundits shows tonight at 10pm, only on GhOne TV.




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