The Saviour Cometh: Gideon Aryeequaye Is Back

For the past few weeks since the commencement of the 8th edition of TV3’s ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’ reality show, ardent viewers have gone through a tumultuous time in the hands of the two new hosts.

Characterized by poor communication, fidgety moments, lack of confidence and incongruent articulation – the two were obviously the weakest link in the new season of one of the best-watched shows on the channel.

Pundits and followers of the show have glossed over the inability of the station to stick to one host/presenter of the show since its first edition, from Gideon Aryeequaye to Abeiku Santana, every edition comes with a new host – but none of the presenters had excelled on the show than the first presenter to introduce the show; Gideon Aryeequaye.

Gideon was one of the pioneer-presenters and anchors of TV3 and when the station decided to introduce a new reality show to add on to its plethora of in-house productions, he was simply the right person for the slot.

For two or so seasons, Gideon was the face of the show; his grasp on the show and his ability to steer proceedings was remarkable but circumstances compelled Gideon to exit the station and truth be told; he has never been the same since his egress.

From Happy FM to ETV Ghana, nothing worked; the clout, influence and following were lost and to make matters worse, the once-heavily-adored presenter entered into the fray of politics and that move shut down his career.

For some years, there was no mention and no sight of Gideon Aryeequaye; his failed bid for political position coerced him into oblivion and nobody knew how he was going to launch a comeback into the media landscape.

It was therefore surprising, yet, refreshing to see Gideon pop up last week as the new host of the show. The station could not have made a better decision in convincing and bringing back the original commander of the pageant.

Observing his performance on his comeback, he exhibited no ‘rust’, his ability to articulate his lines with ease; his exemplary interaction with the judges, the contestants and the audience was splendid. It was as though, he never left.

Gideon Aryeequaye is surely the right man to handle that role as host of ‘Ghana’s Most Beautiful’. It is good to have him back on TV and in the media and we do hope that, with his rich experience and expertise in the field, he will have other roles to play at the station.


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