OMG! ‘Oh My God’ Specials on DStv This Festive Season

Looking for some fun entertainment this holiday season? Look no further than TLC on DStv channel 135 for incredible real-life and medical shows that will leave you saying ‘OMG’!

Prepare yourself for a month-long dose of Body Bizarre that unearths incredible accounts of astonishing medical conditions – following patients on their emotional journeys as they seek treatment.

In Dr Pimple Popper, top dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee, diagnoses and removes her patient’s mysterious and unsightly lumps and cysts. Or, although bad skin days can happen to everyone, some cases need expert help…

The Bad Skin Clinic sees consultant dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne and her team treat those suffering from unusual, extreme and in some cases debilitating skin conditions.

Brides, Grooms and Emergency Rooms, recounts the stories of wedding plans that have been derailed by harrowing medical mysteries and shocking emergencies.

Monsters Inside Me delves beneath the skin with the shocking real-life accounts of people who have suffered nightmarish parasite attacks.

There are some things in life that must be seen to be believed, so tune into TLC this December to witness it all. Don’t miss out on OMG! Every Monday to Friday at 22:55 CAT and 23:00 CAT on TLC DStv channel 135.

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