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LION WILL EAT LION: Stop Fooling, Enock Agyepong. You Are Too Grown For This!

Enock Agyepong

I came to the office very early this morning, I have a truckload of tasks to achieve today; my ‘To Do List’ is gasping for space. In fact, Enoch Agyepong (he spells his, Enock) was not i my itinerary but ‘our elders have say’( apologies to Jojo Ronaldo, a role played by Andrew Adote in the last Ebo Whyte, ‘Comeback) – if a dog is being a nuisance and you have a stick, pummel it!

So, I have few minutes to pummel Enock and whip his grown butt to line!

This artist manager, has been nudging me unnecessarily since last night over a story, produced last night.  Initially, I thought I could just wave him off by explaining to him I didn’t do the original story, regardless of all the invectives he threw at me.

Here is the story;

YES, SHE CAN? I Can Do The Job – Prez. Akufo Addo’s Daughter At Creative Arts Council

First of all, any sane reader and well-thinking fellow will not see anything wrong with the story or its replication by my website. The story is attributed to Gyankroma Akufo-Addo for a statement she made on Starr FM.

When this guy called me out, I honestly felt my website had done something wrong, by misquoting the fine lady or not giving the appropriate credit to

The only significant twist we gave to the original story, like we do to all stories were we cull from others, was the headline – ‘YES, SHE CAN?’ Here, we were even questioning the audacious words of the lady.

In my training in journalism and years of studying from the best in the industry, I didn’t know that producing a story based on an interview was wrong. I am also not privy to the fact that, reproducing a story from another portal was wrong. Wait, I just checked yahoo this morning, and almost all their stories were originally posted on other websites.

This morning, Enock is on his Facebook wall, again, jabbing me for the same issue, desperately trying to alter the angle of attack. He goes on to whine about Creative Arts Council and LI and blah blah blah.  Too much gibberish!

You see, I have not written any piece on Creative Arts Council. I have not done any feature to elicit such a sacrilegious response from this man, although, on various entertainment talk shows, I have shared my opinion on the Council – months ago, and interestingly, we share the same feeling!

So clearly, this spasm from Enock Agyapong is born out of ignorance, inanity and immaturity.

But wait, maybe, there’s a motivation for all this tomfoolery. Ah, I remember now.

This artist manager is still reeling off an article I wrote on his artist, Fatau Keita some weeks ago, over some flippant commentary he passed on Ghanaian dancehall music.

Here is the piece;

PUT RESPECT ON IT! Show Respect To Ghanaian Dancehall Artists & The Music

The salvos in that article still linger in his marrow and he has, for the past weeks been rummaging for something to nail me with.

This is what you come up with? Really?

No wonder that, in your career as an artist manager for the past 15 years or so, Mr. Agyepong, you have produced only one and half hit song (s); one for Akesifuo and the half for Fatau Keita.

Let me help refresh the memories of those who have forgotten your only hit;

Enock, as head of Speech Music, is doing his bit, and so are we, but most often than not, he gets out of line. He yelps at the wrong person or firm, he gets his priorities wrong especially as a radio commentator on these shows he go to. He shouts to make his case, forgetting that, shouting doesn’t mean, you have a case, like he’s doing to me. You can shout, but if your case is senseless, it is full of crap!

Seriously, the likes of Enock are not the only problem. Sometimes, the problem is with respected industry folks who see such stuff on Facebook and press the ‘Like’ button. They know that, this grown-ass man is acting a fool, but instead of checking him, they edge him on by feeding into his fickle mind.

Now, I need to attend to relevant matters on my ‘To Do List’!

Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo


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