JUDGE NOT! Fella Makafui Is Only Moving To A Bigger Space-Manager

Richmond Amofa Sarpong,manager

The Chief Executive Officer for Youth Web, also the Founder of Ghana Tertiary Awards who also doubles as the manager for Fella Makafui, has released a statement relating to her wine shop being shut down by her alleged boyfriend.

According to Richmond Amofa Sarpong the manager, they are only relocating.

He further urged that, Ghanaians keep calm and be advised not to be judgmental on such cases because they have serious emotions attached.

This is what he had to say:

Keep Calm and be Advised Accordingly not to pass any comment or judgement.

For Issues of such nature also has serious emotions attached.

How can people rejoice over this negative issue which is not even true when this fake story says her boyfriend who she dated for 5years stormed her wine shop –

*doesn’t that make her a good lady for being with a single man for 5years and not sleeping with men to make her shop like People thought*

but rather she was with just her bf to do this amazing project [thats if we are to believe this fake news]…

Since when did ladies deserved to die or suffer in relationships all because the man has bought them a private jet and that because of that they can’t free themselves to stay focus on their talent. [thats if we are to believe this fake news]..

Isn’t this even a clear vindication that She didn’t after all sleep with men to acquire her hard won shop but it was a project with her man who they have dated for five years [thats if we are to believe this fake news].. and not that she does men…

people should treat this story with a big laughter … For Now Let’s All Not Judge Base on what we are told always. The rule of Natural Justice requires Judgment or Conclusions after both sides are heard.

And so far as we are concerned we are only relocating from the American House Building To another bigger space.

Ghana Should get ready for a big announcement from us tomorrow for a bigger project which will take place on the 30th of June….

Fella Is More Focused and Determined To Be That Inspiration For All Hardworking Ladies. Our Women Should he Treated With Respect ✊ and Appreciated… This fake news could Happened to another close female you know or a family member..”

Big Announcement Tomorrow..
kindly Follow @fellaMakafui on Instagram for the news..

– Richie
Manager, Fella Makafui [Brand]

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By Deborah Kotei

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