JOKE? Cape Coast & Elmina Castles In Bad Shape. These Are What We Will Put On Tourism TV?

Like any other country, Ghana heavily depends on its beautiful landmarks and sites which attracts many other people from all walks of life to these zones. But interestingly, Ghana’s tourism sector recorded worst performance in 1st half of 2017 which was so unlike before based on GDP impact assessments and many more.

For our castles; Elmina and Cape Coast Castle, it is sometimes unthinkable that we lack in certain basic facilities and services. These two top tourist zones are all in bad shape and it is detestable.

The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku, has revealed that her ministry has secured a license to operate a Tourism TV. She noted that Ghana will host the West African integrated forum in March 2018 in Accra to identify a common denominator to ease the promotion of tourism within the West African sub-region.

But our major concern is Cape Coast Castle which has been there for more than three centuries from the time the castle acted as a slave depot and now as a tourist site.

How would this new initiative help promote these castles, a bad state of the buildings, which has substantial amounts of speed bumps on its road, Algae infestations and repulsive scents that emanates from it is so appalling.

Also, since many of these sites are far away from town, accommodation, electricity and good drinking water are necessary to attract foreign tourists.

Unfortunately, these are still a bit far from solved which may have contributed to the industry’s poor performance.

Here are images showing the state of the Castles presently:

Story by Deborah Kotei

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