Is Anything Good From ‘Nazareth’? Yes, Celestine Donkor!

By Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo

Gospel songstress is accomplished; – an amazing voice, such a unique brand, impressive following and a growing Ministry.

With six (6) albums to her credit since 2007, Celestine Donkor has become one of the biggest names in gospel in the last decade and one of the most powerful female voices in the entire music industry.

Impressively, she is just one of a few gospel musicians who are able to combine the essence of winning souls for Christ via the music with such business acumen.


Celestine is lucky, no, she is forceful; she appeals to different divides in almost all her songs. Her ability to speak different languages plus the conscious and business decision to always try and blend lyrics in the local Twi and Ewe languages is simply impressive.

Thus far, that move has worked perfectly to her advantage, endearing her to the hearts of many, who relate, not only to the messages in her songs but also to the language.


It is no fluke that she is regarded as one of the best voices, not just in Ghana, but the rest of Africa. Such an eclectic and soothing voice is one huge and noticeable attribute of the artiste.

Thankfully, she is duly recognized for her enchanting vocal dexterity – winning multiple awards for Best Vocalist for various award schemes in the country.

Celestine and her team are privy to the asset she has, her voice and have done well to maintain and improve on its texture and quality over the years.


In this era of music business, to ensure consistency, dominance and relevance is no easy feat. It takes the grace, determination, hard work, perseverance and strategy to maintain longevity in the business.

Since 2007, she has stayed consistent in releasing albums; ‘Gye Wadea’ (2007), ‘Restoration’ in 2010, ‘Righteousness’ in 2015, ‘Turning Around’ in 2015, ‘Okronkronhene’ in 2018 and ‘Bread of Life’ in 2019.

For over a decade, Celestine has ensured she is part of the chatter, a conversation that hinges on relevance, dominance and service – and these were achieved via hard work.


There’s been talk of gospel artistes not supposed to rely on worldly praise in the name of awards but that’s such a loose talk.  Awards are good and when artistes excel in various fields and are recognized, there’s absolutely nothing awry about it.

Celestine’s prowess and work have been recognized over the years – annexing awards on all fronts, from VGMA to 3Music Awards, Ghana National Gospel Music Awards and many others.

In March 2021, she was among the Top 30 Most Influential Women in Music by the 3Music Awards Women’s Brunch, a platform that celebrates outstanding women every year.

International Appeal

Having your hold on the international music market is a big plus for any artiste. Music is universal and every well-known music star has his/her footing firmly grounded on other international domains.

For Celestine, while she has the opportunity to sell God to others in other countries, she also gets to do business; a trade that continues to sustain her ever growing Ministry.

Her ability to project her brand to other African countries, especially the East African countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and others is exemplary.


It is refreshing to note that an artiste is sonically great and also has such a grasp on the rudiments and intricacies of the music business. Such an artistes can surely go places!

Celestine Donkor is one of the most intelligent musicians in the country. She exudes such articulation, tact, precision and wisdom in her communication.

For somebody who had her primary education at St Augustine Preparatory School in Abeka Lapaz and continued to Nsaaniya Secondary Business School at Kasoa where she had her secondary school education and then proceeded to the University of Ghana, Legon where she obtained her BA (Hons) Sociology and Information studies – her level of brainpower comes as no surprise.

New Project

Celestine Donkor is prepping the release of her EP in November 2021 and it features four International acts, 3 from East Africa and 1 from Nigeria.

She released her new single, ‘Only You’ last week and the song and accompanying video have garnered such rave reviews thus far.

As expected, she delivers in English, Twi and Ewe, offering her testimony on the goodness of God!


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