INCREDIBLE! Football Player dies after spending 39 years in a coma

Former France and Paris-Saint-Germain defender Jean-Pierre Adams died on Monday after spending 39 years in a coma, the team said.

He was 73.

Adams was administered an incorrect dose of an anesthetic before a knee surgery in 1982, which caused brain damage and put him in a coma.

Adams’ failed surgery

Adams went in for surgery on his knee in 1982 to fix a damaged tendon. When he arrived at the hospital, however, the staff was on strike, per CNN.

“The female anesthetist was looking after eight patients, one after the other, like an assembly line,” his wife, Bernadette, told CNN in 2016. “Jean-Pierre was supervised by a trainee, who was repeating a year, who later admitted in court, ‘I was not up to the task I was entrusted with.’

“Given it was not a vital operation, that the hospital was on strike, they were missing doctors and this woman was looking after eight patients, in two different rooms, someone should have called me to say they were going to delay the operation.”

The surgery went ahead as planned, however, and several mistakes were made. Per the report, he was “badly intubated, with one tube blocking the pathway to his lungs.”

He was then placed in a coma, and was in it ever since. Bernadette cared for him for the rest of his life at their home in Nimes — which sits just off the southern coast north of Montpellier.

Source: yahoo

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