‘I Will Come For You If You Come For My Baby’ – Yvonne Nelson Scowls @ Blogs

Actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson has vowed she will do all it takes to protect her daughter, Ryn, from people who say unpleasant things about her.

The actress endured intense controversy for getting pregnant for her UK photographer boyfriend, Jamie Roberts, and eventually giving birth to a baby girl – reports!

Many social media commentators and some mainstream media commentators questioned the rationale behind her decision to give birth before getting married and why she chose her photographer boyfriend.

But hanging out with the 2018 Ghana’s Most Beautiful (GMB) contestants on Tuesday, the award-winning actress indicated that she is personally unfazed by news stories that put her in a bad light.She stated, however, that she will not take it lightly with people who try to involve her daughter in those stories.

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