FREE SHOW PERFORMER! I Don’t Charge For Shows Anymore – Mzbel Reveals

Belinda Nana Akua Amoah aka Mzbel

After staying on this planet for several years, we are very sure you have not heard any Ghanaian musician publicly announce that, she does not charge before agreeing to be on a show. published!

Maybe what Mzbel just said on Radio Univers when speaking to Zionfelix, the sit-in host for the station’s Brunch2Lunch entertainment show, will be your first time ever hearing something of that nature on this earth.

Nana Akua Amoah Belinda who was on the Accra-based radio station to promote her latest single, Tongues made it known to listeners that she does not demand cash when an individual approaches her to hire service for a concert.

Mzbel disclosed that she is currently in the music industry because she wants to but not for the reason that she needs to make fortunes from the songs she will release. The ’16 Years’ singer who does not demand cash before agreeing to mount stage further said she however, makes certain demands when she is needed for an event.

According to her, the event organiser should be able to pay for her transportation and also give her a good refreshment after the event.

“I’m not in active music as before. I record songs when I’ve time but if not, I’ll not worry myself over it. I’ve recorded a lot of songs but since I don’t have time, they are all stored for future release. I like it if I get money from music but that is not my focus now. I’ve not been charging for shows in recent times. I just ask if the event is a good one which will help my brand and I also ask what the person can offer. If organiser’s quote is good, I’ll accept it. At times charging discourages people so I wont charge but we will definitely need a refreshment when we come. If you can’t afford transport and refreshment then you are not serious.” Mzbel told Zionfelix on the show on Monday.

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