FRAUD CASE! Reason Afia Schwarzenegger Was ‘Busted’ By Police For Alleged Fraud

Outspoken showbiz personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, was ‘arrested’ days ago by the Nima Police for alleged fraud. Although the comedienne has tried to refute the reports on the arrest, Commander at the station has stated that, indeed, the TV presenter was arrested. figured out the actual reason after some thorough probing!

There was near pandemonium on social media and especially on the platform of the vocal showbiz personality, Afia , who accused popular music producer and a showbiz stalwart, Kiki Banson of some fraudulent deal.

On her Instagram page, which was later replicated on her Facebook page, Afia called out Kiki, the former Manager of Becca in 2 separate posts, stating that – Kiki’s ‘Girl Talk’ launch in South Africa is a sham and advised her followers not to patronize the concept. She also gloated of claiming her money from Kiki, with the help of her macho husband.

This portal,, which is privy to the ongoing promotional drive by Palm Media, owned by Kiki Banson, for the organization of the ‘Girl Talk’ launch in South Africa, decided to probe the alleged fraudulent case.

As per the probings of the portal, the evidence gathered did not depict the acclaimed music producer/artist manager/event manager as a con as touted by Afia Schwarzenegger.

Early this year, Palm Media decided to organize a comedy show, ‘All Girls Comedy’ show with Afia Schwarzenneger billed as the headline act and the show was slated for April 2017.

Kiki was said to have asked Afia to help in the acquisition of sponsorship for the event, because he wanted to use Afia as the headliner  for the comedy show in a bid to repair her ‘damaged’ image  – according to a source, a plea the presenter obliged to do.

Kiki Banson

Afia was able to get EndPoint Clinic to sponsor the event with an amount of Ghc10,000, where a  cheque was signed in the name of Palm Media, organizers of the event.

Further inquiries from show that, about two months ago, Kiki received a call from a well-known journalist, stating that he was calling on behalf of Dr. Boateng, CEO of EndPoint Clinc and that, the Doctor has asked him (the Journo) to defame Afia because she had defrauded him of an amount of Ghc10,000. Kiki told the journalist that there was no fraudulent action on the part of Afia and that the cheque was truly written in his (Kiki’s) company’s name and has since been deposited at the bank.

Eventually, Kiki was able to reach out to Dr. Boateng and explained what had transpired over the period. The Doctor is said to have denied ever contracting any journalist to defame Afia Schwarzennegger. He even suggested to Kiki To keep the money until the show was done.

But the case took an interesting yet bizarre twist!

Last week, Afia and one gentleman called Ben, who was introduced as a worker at Angel TV, were said to have gone to Kiki’s office and claimed that, Dr. Boateng owed the television station an amount of Ghc8,000 and the Doctor had instructed the station to collect the said amount from Afia because, she owed him money (10,000).

Without hesitation, Kiki wrote a cheque of Ghc8,000gh to Afia and Ben, in the name of EndPoint, but the duo, after leaving his office with the cheque – called  and told him to re-write another cheque in the name of Lyfred Limited because, it is the account name for all related payments to Angel Television and Angel Broadcasting Ltd was only for the radio station.

Kiki, who was not comfortable with the development, managed to get hold of the General Manager of Angel TV, who denied the fact that Dr. Boateng owed the station any money. Kiki was hesitant in signing the cheque in the name of Afia because the Doctor had instructed Kiki not to sign in the name of the TV personality.

More inquisitions revealed that, Afia stormed the office of Kiki and demanded to be paid the Gh10,000 she brought from EndPoint – in her name.  Protestations from Kiki in not wanting to pay her due to the fact, he’s given the Doctor his word fell on deaf ears. Afia insisted she be paid in her name with the cheque or be given cash and she was said to have raised hell, creating a scene and shouting on top of her lungs, casting all manner of invectives on Kiki.

Unable to withstand the pressure and incessant abuse, Kiki tried reaching out to the Dr. Boateng for the last time but when he was unable to reach him, he signed a cheque of Ghc 10,000 to Afia Schwarzenegger in her name.

However, www. also found out that, Kiki made Afia sign an undertaken to the effect that, she was collecting the money on behalf of EndPoint.

Checks by this portal also revealed that, in making Afia pen the undertaken of 2nd August 2017, the spelling for ‘Endpoint’ was mistakenly written as ‘NPoint’. Kiki realized the error and tried to get Afia to make the necessary correction but she never budged.

Sensing that he’s been defrauded, Kiki made the move and reported the case at the Nima Police Stations, causing the ‘arrest’ of Afia Schwarzennegger.

The undetaken, signed by Afia Schwarzenneger had witnesses including the husband of the TV personality, Lawrenece Abrokwah.

The above evidence clearly depicts that, Kiki Banson acted professionally and without any form of malice and it is therefore surprising to this portal, how anybody would call him a fraud over the Ghc10,000 matter!

Meanwhile, the popular ‘Girl Talk’ launch in South Africa is slated for 13th-17th September 2017 and the publicity drive for the event is going on unabated.


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