DIAMOND APPIAH LEARN! Facebook Takes Down Her Account After Leaking L*sbian Video Of Celebrity Stylist

Diamond Appiah

In the age where internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter and the likes, has come under increasing pressure to sanitize what people publish on their platforms, one needs to be extra circumspect about materials you post.

People including controversial musician and politician, A Plus has suffered similar fate in times past.

The latest casualty is Diamond Appiah, the failed musician.

On Saturday, Diamond who is known to have problems with several women in Ghana and the show-business front leaked a Lesbian video of a very popular, celebrity Stylist called Roji.

However, your favorite news portal, made checks on the page days after the video was released. From the look of things, the account of the former, artiste has been taken down by Facebook and she has therefore a new account.

Diamond Appiah has since started a new Facebook account which currently has over two hundred friends.

In recent times, she suffered similar fate in Instagram when her account was deactivated for sharing images and video which were not in line with the tenet of the social media platform.

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