No Invite, No Entry To Awards – Organizers of Golden Movie Awards

The annual Golden Movie Awards Africa (GMAA), that seeks to award excellence in movie making on the African continent and the African diaspora, is here again with its 2018 edition which promises to be bigger and better.

At a press conference launch in Accra, Mrs. Wilhelmina Michaels, the director of the award, revealed that entries are being accepted for the 4th annual Golden Movie Awards Africa (GMAA) to be held on June 2, 2018 in Accra, Ghana. The opening for submissions is February 1, 2018 while the deadline April 30, 2017. noted Mrs Michaels say that, rather than the sale of tickets, doors will be opened to this year’s event to filmmakers and actors strictly by invitation.

She explained saying, organizers of the event, New Media Journey (NMJ) Ghana, received several complaints from a number of filmmakers from Ghana and other African countries about being left out.

Since the purpose of GMMA is to appreciate African filmmakers from around the globe, and be awarded for their stunning input at telling the African stories to both Africans and the rest of the world, Wilhelmina mentioned invitations will go out to as many filmmakers as possible.

“Organizers of the awards from research and experience also have realized that tickets become limited for the filmmakers and actors to even experience the event. We’ve had complaints that ‘I’m a filmmaker and I do not get invitation to your award scheme. By the time I realize the award is done and I have not been part of it and you guys.” she added.

“So this year, the team has decided to cancel the sale of tickets and therefore Golden Movie Awards Africa 2018 is not going to sell tickets anymore.”

The Golden Movie Awards Africa brings together professionals in filmmaking in Africa once every year to celebrate, promote and reward those who have excelled in their area of the film industry African continent and the African diaspora.




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