Top 10 Internationally-Known Ghanaian Artistes

Going international is no cheap talk, as exhibited by many Ghanaian artistes, mostly in their talk and in their songs. Performing to a crowd on a foreign platform alone does not make you internationally recognized. Getting endorsement from highly revered international media, attaining mention by major international music connoisseurs and critics, courting the attention of international labels and music promoters and garnering recognition amongst international music fiends – makes you a full-blown international act.
Upon interaction with many international music aficionados and research, here are my Top 10 Ghanaian musicians who are duly recognized internationally. It is my list, so you can beat yourself if you don’t agree.

1. Ebo Taylor


It is amazing that after six decades in the business, the guitarist, composer, arranger, and producer is easily mentioned as the Ghanaian to be making the most impact on the international market. His distinct indigenous jazz sound makes him stand out from the bunch.

2. M.anifest


Kwame Ametepee Tsikata was making waves on the international platform; releasing critically acclaimed mixtapes and touring- before sauntering back to Ghana to fortify his brand.

3. Sarkodie


From humble beginnings, hardworking Michael Owusu Addo has been able to work his way into getting recognition from international media and critical mention from music critics across the world.

4. Fuse ODG


Nana Richard Abiona grew up in London but he is attributed to have sold Ghana better than any other musician –thanks to his promulgation of the ‘Azonto’ brand to the rest of the world.

5. FOKN Bois

fokn bois

You may not like the quirky antics of Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu and Mensah Ansah – one of the possible reasons their music is not heralded in Ghana, but surprisingly, their brand is heavily endorsed outside Ghana.

6. Blitz The Ambassador


Samuel Bazawule, formerly known as Bazaar relocated to US, changed his name and changed his fortune. He is recognized as one of the best independent hip hop artiste to emerge from Africa.

7. King Ayisoba


Noted for just one breakthrough hit song in Ghana, his melodic and percussive
‘kologo’ sound has endeared him to the hearts of international music promoters – making him one of the most-sought-after Ghanaian artistes.

8. Atongo Zimba


Atongo has been somehow on the quiet after the release of ‘Barefoot in the Sand’in 2007 but he still commands tons of respect and recognition on the international music market.

9. Samini


Recognition from major awards schemes across the world has placed him on that pedestal. His melodious mixture of highlife, hiplife, dancehall, reggae and hip-hop is well appreciated by international music heads.

10. Sonny Badu


He is undoubtedly the shining light when it comes to Ghanaian gospel acts generating appreciable buzz around the world. His African style of worship makes him lovable to many international music fiends.

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