SHAME ON YOU! Kuami Eugene Has Had It, Releases ‘Wish Me Well’ – Watch Video

Kuami Eugene

It is always expected for an artist to have haters, but it seems this time round, the ‘Confusion’ hit maker Kuami Eugenee, has had it! has observed!

When it comes to him, after he drops a picture on his social media handle or after a release of a song, he in returns gets a lot of negative feedback in relation to either his dressing, or choice of colors.

There was a time, he was even accused of having to wear the same suit Kidi wore for a music video. To shame his haters, he dropped a pictures of he and Kidi wearing the same suit.

Kuami on the left and Kidi to the right

More than half of publications about him in the media are mostly for the wrong reasons and he looks tired judging from his new single. The singer in the new song he calls, ‘Wish Me Well’ is telling the world that he is tired of all the negative talks about his brand.

If it’s not about his outfit today, it will be about him stealing someone’s song tomorrow. Kuami Eugene ‘abre’…lol

Enjoy the latest single, Wish Me Well produced by Williz Beat and Kuami Eugene below.

By Deborah Kotei

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