People call me a legend – Captain Planet (4X4)

Scrap that! You don’t need any institution or awards scheme to confer on you, a legendary status before you see yourself as such and for hip life impresario, Captain Planet, he sees himself as a legend; because the people say so – and that’ s it!

As monitored by, the front man of the multiple award-winning music group, 4X4, in sharing his greatest accomplishment as a musician to Hitz FM Entertainment News, stated that – people calling him a legend in the music industry is his biggest feat.

“To be called a legend is not easy. A legend is considered someone who has contributed very much to the industry and for people to refer to me as such makes it my greatest achievement,” he said.

The artist, who is out with his solo joint ‘No New Friends’ also stated that, his solo move is no indication of a split in the group.

He assured fans that, the group is still intact albeit each member of the group coming out with their respective solo joints.

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