Ex-Doe turns beer bar manager


550 by 80posterHiplife musician, Richard Kwasi Siaw Afrofi, known in the showbiz world as Ex-Doe, has refuted news circulating that he is poor.

Many music fans have been pointing fingers at him claiming he does not carry himself in the public domain as a celebrity. The concerns of these music fans are that, Ex-Doe made lots of money when he was very popular in the late 90s but squandered all.

In an interview with Razz Entertainment Newspaper, Ex- Doe rebutted all those allegations, saying he disagrees with anyone who thinks he made a lot of money and misused it.

“Anyone who says that I have made money before, but end up mismanaging it is not being fair to me. The fact is during our time, there was no much money in the music game. Some of the things we gained during our time was opportunity,” he declared.

He added that, although there was no much money in the music business during their era, he made good use of various opportunities that came his way.

“I disagree with anyone who thinks I’m currently suffering. God being so good, I am able to take care of my family and myself through some additional work I do aside music,” Ex-Doe further stated.

According to him, the only rumour about him that he can confirm in the affirmative is the fact that he manages a beer bar, which is situated at Santa Maria, and also boards commercial vehicle (Trotro) Sometimes.

As narrated by Ex-Doe, the fact that he board trotro or operates a beer bar does not mean he is poor. He boards trotro only when his car is not in a good condition.

“People don’t understand stardom. There is a difference between a flashy guy and a star. I am a street guy and the people who have known me for long know I’m not a flashy guy. People who don’t have the talent are the ones who want to look flashy and buy flashy cars,” he further told Razz.

He encouraged his fans to stay calm and watch out for his great comeback.

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Source : Razz Newspapper

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