Carlos Sakyi Slams Amakye Dede

The never-ending confusion that has persisted in the music industry for years continues as the Chairman for the Interim Board for GHAMRO, Carlos Sakyi, has slammed the ace highlife performer, Amakye Dede for his recent outbursts and lashing out at the Board.

Amakye Dede has been on several radio shows recently, castigating members of the Board for what he calls incompetence, unprofessionalism, thievery and lack of transparency being exhibited by the GHAMRO Board Members.

In one of his outburst last Saturday on Peace FM’s ‘Entertainment Review’, the venerated highlife artiste called the Board Members ‘hungry lions’. “They should get out from there. They are all musicians and should pick their tools and hit the road just like other musicians and leave the job for professionals. They are hungry lions and we will not sit down for them to steal our money,” he said.

Amakye Dede

The highlife legend was reacting to the paltry amount of GH250 that was given to him as royalties which he rejected, accusing the Members of not being transparent and accountable for the works.

Reacting to the comments by Amakye Dede, the Chairman of the Board said that the musician doesn’t know what he’s talking about, accusing him of not knowing the mandate and operations of the Board and has resorted to distorting the facts.

“Amakye is someone who doesn’t care about anybody apart from himself, he has never been to the Offices of GHAMRO before and when you invite him to meetings, he doesn’t attend. Even when meetings are held at his spot he doesn’t listen to what goes on.” Mr. Sakyi said.

“I have not heard what he said but I have been told that he called us hungry lions and made all sorts of disparaging remarks about me. I think this is rather unfortunate and some people are trying to get us into the war mode and if that is what they want then we will get into that” he retorted.

On the accusations of the lack of transparency, Carlos Sakyi responded: “The board is very transparent and for the two years that we have operated, we have stayed on course. Indeed, the two years as a transitional team has been cast in stone and we are now putting the structures in place for elections next year, January 2014, by which time our time will be up.”

He also expressed his displeasure about some of his fellow panel members of the ‘Entertainment Review’ show, who created the impression on air that he is shying away from the programme because he doesn’t want to address the various issues being raised by concerned musicians.

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