YOU CAN’T MISS IT! 3 Suitors 1 Husband to be Staged at National Theatre On Sept. 22

An unforgettable day to be recorded in the history of Ghana approaches with a stage play dubbed ‘3 Suitors 1 Husband’ as it parades prolific filmmakers on one stage at the National Theatre on 22nd September 2018.

It stars Akorfa Adjeani Asiedu; a veteran who has been missed on our screens, Edinam Atatsi; another spectacular veteran known as ‘Screen Goddess’, the famous ‘Taxi Driver’ television series character Brimah Watara also known as ‘Asterix’, with the versatile young actor Robert Nana Kodua among others who are all poised to thrill the audience with some incomparable stage brilliance.

3 Suitors 1 Husband promises to entertain, reorient us of our origin as Ghanaians and ultimately educate us on different issues of life with some mind-blowing performances.

This event is being organised by Entertainment Republic in collaboration with National Theatre and directed by Maxwell Owusu.

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