We are now Instagram actors – Bibi Bright


The talk of the Ghanaian film industry teetering to a collapse and its actors floundering to make money off it is not just talk; the hustle is real!

The English-oriented movie sector especially, is virtually grinding into oblivion – can argue and actress, Bibi Bright agrees.

Speaking to MzGee of Hitz FM, the actress/producer stated that, the current state of the the film industry is nothing to gloat about and the actors are now looking elsewhere to stay relevant.

“The state of the industry had turned us into Instagram actors now,” she revealed.

The lack of activity in the industry has caused actors, especially the females, to seek relevance on the social media platform, Instagram, where they post photos of themselves, their endeavors and engage in frivolous fights.

The actress, however, knew who to blame for the situation; President John Dramani Mahama.

Bibi Bright
Bibi Bright

She stated that the industry is going through rough patches under the current President’s administration.

The actress, who has openly declared her support for the opposition party’s presidential candidate, Nana Akuffo Addo, also asserted that, the likes of John Dumelo, who are supporting the President for their personal gains – flourished as actors under the NPP and former Prez. John Kufour’s tenure.

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