‘Movie Producers Requested For Sex From Us’


Ghanaian Actresses Vicky Zugah and Moesha Bodoung have shed more light on the much- talked-about ‘sex for movie roles’ in the Ghanaian movie industry, by saying that; over 10 producers/directors had asked her for sex in order to get in over the course of her acting career.

According to her, some years back, she used to talk against the act, but it got to a time she realized it was not something worth talking about anymore because, it happens in all sectors, but more pronounced in the entertainment industry.


“Some years back I use to mention names of the film makers involved in that and anytime I spoke against it, I mentioned names of some producers on air, but for now, I don’t think it’s something that I really have time to speak about again,” she said.

She lamented that, she was sidelined many times by producers/directors for not giving in to their demands and also for speaking against it on media platforms.

To Vicky Zugah, she doesn’t believe the act is going to stop now since, producers still ask actresses to sleep with them for roles. She explained that sleeping with producers does not warrant an actress a role, so any actress who sleeps with a producer for a role will be making a big mistake.

“If you are not good in acting and you are only good for sex, you will be dumped by the producer after the act, because don’t forget, most producers are business men and they are looking at also investing into where they can make their money back,” she revealed.

In a separate chat with Ghanaian aspiring model and actress Moesha Boduong who has been through lot of film auditions and starred in a couple of movies, she said that: so far, only (2) two film producers have asked to sleep with her for roles.

“Some of them will not ask you directly but others will do. It’s normal and some of us have become used to it, but since I know my left and right in the industry, I don’t give in,” she said. She added that, her current situation does not authorize her to mention names for publication, but she can do that in confidence.

The Film Producers Association of Ghana has made it known to Razz Newspaper that they have not yet received any official complaint to confirm how authentic the allegations are.

Razz Newspaper

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