Killer Blow: ‘Some Actors Have Bad Breath’

Award winning Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku, has dropped a bombshell, stating her displeasure at the bad breath some actors discharge on set and she is calling on the actors to get medically screened or tested before playing roles that involve kissing and body contacts.

In the light of the ongoing Ebola pandemic which is believed to be contracted through kissing, body contact, and other media, In an exclusive interview with award-winning actress to find out if filmmakers screen actors before casting them for roles that involve kissing or intimate body contact.

In her usual charming smile, the adorable actress said: “I will be honest. As an actor, I have never been screened after being casted for a kissing role and as a film producer too, I have never screened any of the actors I contract to work for me.”
She said: “Yes, I know Ebola is now the most-talked-about disease but it’s not yet in Ghana. It’s around our neighboring countries but it’s not yet in Ghana, however, this screening topic is a serious one that we have to start talking about as an industry”.

She also disclosed that this topic of medical screening for actors is one that usually comes up for discussion when they are on set but after shooting, they all leave for their respective homes. On her part, Kafui said she knows one can get Hepatitis B through kissing but she has immunized herself.

Kafui admitted: “You may have immunized yourself, but what about the other actor you will be kissing? How would you know he is clean and healthy? We are indeed at risk! I think that is what makes this topic very crucial and sensitive for discussion.”

She also said that, her concern is not only about infections she stands to contract from kissing another actor but the bad breath emitted by some actors on set. “Some actors have bad breath (laughed). Sometimes when you are rehearsing your lines with some actors on set and you go closer, the kind of breath that comes out, it’s disturbing (laughed) but you can’t complain or tell the fellow. ”

She went on to give a vivid description of the bad scent: “Some of the scent, when it enters your nose, you can’t stand (laughed). It’s strong and powerful (laughed)! I’m sorry I won’t mention any name so if your follow-up question is to ask me to mention name, I’m sorry! I can’t mention any name. But I must admit that I’ve also come in contact with some who have fresh and healthy breath.”
Asked what she does before kissing on set, she said she is one person who pays attention to personal hygiene so she makes sure she avoids taking in onions, garlic and other odour-producing foods before she steps out, but: “Sometimes I chew a gum, brush or take a mint for fresh breath before kissing on set.”

Kafui Danku advised that; “Actors should start immunizing themselves or go for medical screening. It’s very important. On the part of the filmmakers, they can start asking for medical reports to know the health status of actors before casting them for roles, especially those that involve kissing or body contacts. This topic should also be brought to the discussion table.”

List of infections one can contract through kissing are: HIV, Hepatitis-B, Warts, Swine flu, Infectious mononucleosis, Otitis media, Tonsillitis, Mumps, Chickenpox, Measles, Slapped cheek syndrome and the like.
Razz Newspaper/Osarfo Anthony

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