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I Did Not Chop Adebayor’s Money – Fred Nuamah

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From stories of being caught half-naked walking around in hotels in Nigeria to stories of him keeping plaques for winners of Ghana Movie Awards –  industry aficionado, Fred Nuamah, makes the headlines in Ghanaian show business almost every time.  

Once again, the former music producer and now, the founder of the Ghana Movie Awards is being fingered for misappropriating funds from the Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor Foundation (SEA)  for the three kids  popularly called the ‘Alligator kids’ who are  afflicted with a rare skin disease.   Responding to such allegations, Fred Nuamah confirmed that he does work for the SEA Foundation but rebuffed any talk of him being involved in any shady deal concerning the Alligator kids.  

According to him, Emmanuel Adebayor got to know about the plight of the kids on social media and instructed him (Fred) to put the necessary arrangements in place for SEA Foundation to assist the kids.   Upon the orders of Adebayor, he travelled to Jirapa in the Upper West within the Northern of Ghana, where he met the children and their mother, who were extremely happy to see him after he told them about the assistance SEA Foundation planned to give them.  

Fred Nuamah explained that, the Tottenham Hotspurs player had already made arrangements with a London hospital, paid the bills and expected the kids to be transferred to London for treatment. In the course of making preparations for the transfer of the kids, Fred claimed that, he came into contact with one Michelle McGowan, an American lady, who got to know of the children’s plight on the internet and flew to Ghana to have first-hand information on the situation.  

Per his account, Michelle told him that, she can help transfer the kids to UK when given an amount of $30,000 but in the process of SEA wiring the said amount to Michelle to enable her transport the kids to UK, some bit of misunderstanding ensued between the family of the kids and the Government of Ghana.   Also, SEA Foundation got to know that Michelle McGowan and her partner, Madam Faustina Dakora were entangled in some power struggle with the government on who had responsibility in treating the kids.

“We heard that Michelle was invited by the Government and she was told that the State wanted to take full responsibility in taking charge of the treatment of the kids so, we withdrew our intention to help the kids.”  

Fred Nuamah mocked at stories making rounds he spent the money slated for the kids; “To be honest with you, I did not spend any money meant for the kids. We were actually going to transfer the money but the system did not permit us, so we had to pull out,” he explained.  

“I am part of the SEA Foundation and I can assure you that no money was given to me. The money was purposely meant for the treatment of the kids and not me,” he put out his defense statement.  

The Alligator kids, Absalon Dakora Gyie, 16, Joseph Muininbong Gyie, 13, and Fidilia Amawatanya Gyie, 10, were first sent to the Jirapa hospital for treatment, but the medical authorities reportedly diagnosed their condition to be genetic, hence there was little they could do to assist them.

The news and pictures of the kids went viral on social media which caught the attention of many including Emmanuel Adebayor.  

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