CHANGE THEM! Ghanaian Fathers Are Tired Of These Fathers Day Gifts

Nobody is perfect. While some fathers were going against all odds to make sweet memories with their family others didn’t live up to expectation.

It is highly necessary to not repeat their mistakes but make them feel proud of the children we have become and create new memories with them.

Make this father’s day one of the best days of their life by spending time with them and give them great gifts that they would cherish. is only advising!

If you have intentions of buying any of these items below, it is not late to change them!


Don’t you think you daddy deserves better? Why do you wait for a year to gift him a towel? Well, if you are giving him a towel then it should be a dozen or at least 6 pieces to make it presentable.


Just reflect back on all the times, he took you fancy restaurants, Christmas, and easter shopping and ask yourself if he deserves a set of a handkerchief. Did you really much think into your gift? You can really do better.


You don’t have to right to delve into your parent’s sex life. Like seriously, condoms? If you don’t want a sibling, your parents might need someone to spend their old age with. Don’t be a selfish little girl.


Just saying, you could have just registered your dad at the nearest gym instead of gifting him a singlet. If you are giving different types of underwear that is totally accepted.

A half piece of cloth

Sorry but if your father can’t wear it to your graduation or any special ceremony in your life, then you shouldn’t give it to him.

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