Shweta Tiwari talks about her life, daughter and Ekta Kapoor

From playing a girl next door in Kasautii Zindagi Kay to winning a reality show like Bigg Boss 7, TV actress Shweta Tiwari has come a long way. The actress, who is currently seen in comedy show Mad In India, says that she can never forget the favours done by Shobha and Ekta Kapoor and that she will always be grateful to them.

Shweta, who had a ugly break-up with ex-husband Raja Chaudhary and was also a victim of domestic violence speaks highly of TV queen Ekta Kapoor. She says, “When I was going through the toughest and worst phase of my life Ekta and Shobha maa’m took care of me. The way they handled me cannot be expressed in words. I am so thankful to them as they never pressurized me when it comes to work. They never forced me to come to shoot on time. I was mentally so disturbed and stressed that on the call time of 6 am, I used to reach at 6 pm on the sets of Kasauti Zindagi Kay for shooting. I kept running away from everyone whether it was media or from my ex-husband Raja Chaudhary. Ekta had kept two people Sandeep Singh Siddhu (her lawyer) and Saaketh (a person from their production house) 24/7 to look after me. I used to do unexpected things like get off my car and start running on the road and these two guys used to run behind me. Ekta and Shobhaji had each and every details about my whereabouts. I will always be grateful to both of them and cannot forget their favors throughout my life.”


Shweta, who played the role of a over-protective mother in TV show Parvarrish, says that it’s important to be at daughter’s side when she is entering her teenage. “I’ve realized that I am a strict mom. I don’t want to think that nothing wrong can happen with me. I feel teenage is an age when you should try and spend most of your time with your child. You can’t leave them with maid or servants. I feel in today’s time a girl doesn’t need to be pretty to be harmed. So, I am very strict about where she goes and what she does,” says Shweta.

Lastly, when asked about her thoughts on the empowerment of women in our country and her message to other women who face domestic violence she says, “Believe me I’ve been to Paris and I think that no place is safe in the world. We women need to care of ourselves wherever we go. Instead of asking help from others like police or government women should help themselves. They will help you but first you need to help yourself that is what I feel. The only advise I can give to all the ladies is that don’t take any wrong step or harm yourself when you are under depression. Be strong and try to handle it”.

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