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Another Legend on it’s way! Chrissy Teigen Expecting Baby No. 2 With John Legend


Chrissy Teigen is proudly displaying her adorable baby bump! The model has confirmed she and husband John Legend are expecting their second child together with several posts on social media. has learnt!

Teigen, who will be 32 at the end of November, shared the first baby bump photo to Snapchat before taking to Instagram to post a sweet video. In the video, Chrissy’s toddler daughter is heard saying there’s a baby in her mother’s tummy.

Chrissy is heard asking 19-month-old Luna “what’s in here?” as the toddler adorably replies with what sounds like “bebe.” Teigen jokingly captioned the Instagram post “it’s John’s!” as she told her 15 million followers they’re having another child.

In her Snapchat photo, Teigen is seen wearing a form-fitting casual black dress as she states she’s excited to no longer have to hide her pregnancy.
The model was said to have been spotted with a bump at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower earlier this month.

Chrissy Teigen

However, it was all speculation until the expectant mom confirmed the news on Tuesday.
Teigen’s own mother, Vilailuck Teigen, is reported to have “spilled the beans” on her daughter’s pregnancy in October. Vilailuck was overheard saying Chrissy was emotional because she’s expecting her second child, according to Life & Style.

But fans were still waiting for confirmation from John and Chrissy on whether or not they were truly pregnant. And now Teigen’s fans have proof as the model shares the first looks at her baby bump.

The article goes on to quote Legend saying he believes Luna will make a great big sister as she’s sweet and likes to share, before discussing the couple’s struggles to conceive.

Teigen has been outspoken about the ups and downs of in vitro fertilization as she found herself at the center of some controversy with her first pregnancy.

Fans were not happy with the fact Chrissy and John picked a female embryo to be implanted, reported Daily Mail. The model hit back saying her “natural” blessing was infertility as she relied on IVF to become pregnant.
Teigen added she is always happy to discuss infertility with fans as she’s known for her honest and candid personality.

Fans can hope the expectant mom has a healthy and drama-free second pregnancy as she embraces her baby bump!


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